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Yello is an incentive-based peer-to-peer platform where users can monetize their activity by either seeking answers or by answering questions already posted. Getting real perspectives and experience-based responses just got easier.

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Meet Yello

A platform where you ask, you answer, and get rewarded.

With the dominance of internet searched answers, we tend to lose out on making decisions based on ‘opinions’ of people around us and their experiences. Think again! To resolve a certain challenge, you may search a query on the Internet, but often, it is your local community or social circles that have the best advice for you.

With Yello, you experience just that. Yello helps you tap into the power of human intelligence, by bringing the information you need, based on personal judgements and thoughts.

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The Human Network

While search-engine-based answers have their merits, they lack human emotion and the power of a specific answer given to you as a response to your question. The world is busting seams with digital information, and wouldn’t it be more satisfying to have ‘someone’ answer your question than ‘somebot’! Hence, Yello! Here you get multiple first-hand experience-based answers giving you an edge to decide what works best for you.

Local Languagess

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Bring about a change in the way people seek answers to their questions, online.

Each time we have a question, we turn to people around us for an answer because we know we will get a personalized, made-to-question response. Information thrown up by a search engine as a response to your question, stretches over multiple pages and hence is called ‘search results’ and not ‘answers’. Going over all of those to find a befitting answer to your question is time-consuming, cumbersome and not guaranteed of finding what you need.

At Yello, we endeavor to create a network of people who can answer questions and queries fitting your question and also earn rewards while being at it. At Yello, everyone is a winner.

To create a platform where humans interact with humans.  

 We exist in a Digital Age. But, it is not necessary that we eliminate human interaction due to advanced technology, power-taking our lives. Yello missions itself to create our present and future, full of personal interactions where connecting the dots and seeking the ‘right’ information from the ‘right’ people is as easy.

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Download Yello

Yello app works with multi-lingual mobile keyboard.

You can type your questions in any local Indian language and get responses in the same language.

Yello offers multiple goodie boxes to redeem your coins.
Collect coins by participating on the app, asking questions, providing answers and fulfilling wishes!
Once you have a set of coins, redeem them for some exciting gift boxes worth
(upto) INR 10,000/- . Conditions apply!

Redemption Box Gratification Price Point
Yello Extravagant 10000
Yello Supreme 5000
Yello Delux 2500
Yello Goodie Box 1500
Yello Voucher 500

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